Always Connected

The First Hybrid Connection SmartCam.

With LTE hybrid connection you are no longer restricted to your local network.




Feature Rich


Three Internet connectivity options:
internal LTE modem, Ethernet cable and Wi-Fi


Double power (Power Over Ethernet and a internal battery)


Native Android and iOS apps


Alert notification system based on moment and sound

Smart Home

Includes Bluetooth Smart Hub to connect up to 10 BLT devices

Be Informed

Get notifications as soon as your device is triggered.

Stay Smart

Keep track of the important things in your life.

Full Control

Easily configure your app to events that are important to you.

Your world

With a 1080p display and a wide angle lens, clarity is always in view.


PC Mag | 4 out of 5 stars

“With the Link-U Hybrid SmartCam you don’t have to worry about losing your ability to monitor your home if you lose your connection due to a bad Wi-Fi”

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Mac Sources | 4 out of 5 stars

“Link-U lets you take your smart camera with you, wherever you have power.”

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TechHive | 3 out of 5 stars

“The camera’s video quality is excellent, with sharp detail and balanced lighting even at lower resolutions.”

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Smart Home Hub

Link-U can act as your smart home hub,
controlling a variety of bluetooth devices.


The Smart Door/Window Sensor is a wireless and compact sensor to detect the state of doors or windows (open/closed). Aside from doors and windows, it can be use in other places such as a home safe that requires attention with state detection.



The Smart Light is a dimmable LED light and can save energy by replacing a 60W incandescent bulb.



The Smart Motion Sensor is a Bluetooth Low Energy sensor to detect moving objects and motion in a room. It can be used as surveillance equipment to monitor and protect your home.



The Smart Power Plug is an intelligent plug to use in your everyday life. Users can control appliances with a single switch from the app as well as check appliances’ energy usage at any time in a simple graph.



The Smart Smoke Sensor is a wireless, battery-powered sensor to detect smoke and heat. It can be used in commercial, industrial or residential buildings. Since no wire is needed, it can be easily and simply installed on walls and ceilings. It has a photoelectric sensor embedded to sense smoke, a heat detector to sense high heat level and a loud buzzer to generate an alarm.



The Smart Weather Sensor is a compact device to provide you with real-time weather information including temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. It can help you to know environment comfort index. And with the weather forecast provided from the ΣCasa App, you can get well prepared for your day.