Do I need to setup my router and firewall to connect link-U with my smartphone?

No. Thanks to its Hybrid configuration, link-U can find the best way to establish the connection between it self and your mobile device, automatically.

Where are my video files stored? Is my privacy safe?

We take storage and privacy very seriously. That’s why we created link-U to store and encrypt all data in its internal memory, so you are the only one who can access its files. Nothing is stored on our servers.

Does link-U consume huge data on my 3G/4G plan?

link-U will try to use your LAN to send data to mobile devices. If LAN is unavailable, it will switch to its 3G/4G internal modem. Data consumption is very low in down streaming and it will only consume the data necessary for accomplish your requests.

Will one or several link-U SmartCams in the same home consume a lot of bandwidth on my LAN?

No, all video data is stored in the internal SD memory card, and video streaming will be launched only when required by the user from a mobile device.

Can I easily move my link-U from one place to another?

link-U has an internal battery and an internal 3G/4G modem, so it can work anywhere with or without power, and with or without LAN or WiFi for approximately 1~3 Hours.

Can link-U work without 3G/4G connections or without a SIM card?

Yes, but then you need to properly setup configurations in the same way you would for most other webcams and home monitoring devices (Ethernet cable or Wifi router).

Can link-U accept several smartphone logins? Can one smartphone access several link-U Hybrid SmartCams?

Yes, both are possible.

When will link-U be available?

Is available now.

Does link-U setup require a computer?

No, the App installed on your mobile device gives you access to all configuration settings. Nevertheless, you can access your link-U via browser if you like to modify parameters in deeph.

Is link-U compatible with Android?

Yes, link-U works with both Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.

Do I need to set up a DDNS service?

No, your link-U is ready to use from the second you open the box; just set a data SIM card inside the bay and you’re ready to go.

Does link-U allows for different mounting positions?

The round base is screwed to the link-U with a standard camera screw. This makes it easy for to customize a mounting position with any standard camera mounting arm.

What is the video sensor’s definition?

The link-U video sensor  has a resolution up to 1920×1080 at 30fps.

How good is the quality of link-U night vision?

link-U has  LED Infrared (IR) night vision , so  you can see up  to a guaranteed 25 feet (8 meters). Image quality is pretty awesome (we are using a new type of LED IR which is really powerful), but please note that in most cases, final video quality is mainly related to connection strength more than the video sensor’s capability.

Does the 130 degree lens creates distortion?

The level of distortion is related to distance. Objects very near the lens will be  slightly distorted, but from a distance of 4 feet or more, distortion is unnoticeable.

Does my link-U come with a power adaptor? How many devices can it support?

link-U come with a PoE injector of 24W which can power one unit only. If you use power from a standard PoE Hub, each port can serve only one link-U unit (PoE standard  IEEE 802.3at).

Can I record the video streaming directly to a computer or a video recorder server?

Yes, but currently, for simplicity, is not possible to set up this option from the APP, but only accessing the camera from GUI (browser). It is possible to send email with events image attachment as well.

Can I install link-U outside?

No, link-U cannot be installed outside and should not come in contact with water. Of course its 4G internal modem and back-up battery allow you to use it outside for a limited time (up to 8 hours) and in normal good weather conditions.